Do I Need an Investment Advisor?

Do I Need an Investment Advisor?

Investment AdvisorMost of us are busy with work, kids, church, walking the dog, possibly caring for an elderly parent, and a variety of other responsibilities that consume our day.  With all that we have going on, we tend to have little to no time for ourselves.  We often neglect things that could potentially enhance our own lives such as vacations, date nights, exercising, and sometimes just sitting down to enjoy a good book.  If we don’t have time for ourselves, where do you think retirement and financial planning fall on the list of priorities?  You guessed it…near the bottom.

Many individuals are grossly underfunded when it comes to having sufficient assets to retire with.  An advisor can do your heavy lifting and take the pressure off your back.  We all want to have something to show for our years of hard work. Don’t you?  Putting yourself first in terms of your retirement is critical to providing the security and peace of mind one looks forward in retirement.  Advisors have heard all the excuses for not putting yourself first.  An advisor will be able to show you what others have done to improve their portfolio, who are in the same or similar situation as yourself.  Since most of us are so busy with all of our many activities, it is a good idea to have an advisor  guide you to success by helping you achieve the desired results from the goals you have set.

Working with an investment advisor is more reasonable than you think.  Some investment advisors charge a fee that is deducted out of the investments directly which means you never have to worry about writing a check. If you are on track and achieving your desired results, you can continue to work with them.  If you don’t, you can fire them and hire someone else.  Do not put off something that could potentially make a dramatic difference in your retirement lifestyle.

For those of you who are already retired and don’t want to hassle with your own planning,  an investment advisor will be able to show you how to enhance what you have already gained.  You have worked too long and hard for your money.  “Make your money work as hard for you, as you work for it.”   It’s time to put yourself first.  Retirement planning is not an extracurricular activity.  It could dramatically change your future.

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