Retirees Benefit by Embracing Technology

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | November 19, 2015

Members of the greatest generation have witnessed constant change over the past century, from radio and TV to GPS, cellphones and the Internet. Some retirees and as well as non-retirees feel like they’re always playing catch up in an ever revolving technological world. However, those who have embraced these transformations and inventions are seeing the benefits.…

Finding Work-Life Balance in Pre-retirement

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | October 19, 2015

Professional employees in their 50s and 60s are starting to think more strategically about retirement. Not just about how to pay for it, but how they’ll spend their time once they get there. For some, that means they’d like to keep doing what they’re doing — just not quite so much of it. According to…

Moods, How they Affect Your Health

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | October 8, 2015

Have you ever told someone that his or her bad mood is bringing you down? Recent research has found that there is actually a biological truth to this. Our emotions are emitted through neurons in the brain, and these neurons are sensitive enough that they can mirror the emotions of other people in close proximity.…

What Role Will you Play in the National Economy?

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | October 1, 2015

Thanks to our nation’s growth in employment levels, low gas prices and stability in the real estate market, it was expected that consumer confidence would remain steady. Instead, the index measuring consumer confidence dropped to its lowest mark of the year, from 91.1 in August to 85.7 in mid-September. So, what gives? Some experts believe…

Not Your Material Girl Type Retirement

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | September 10, 2015

In the 1980s, Madonna sang about being a material girl living in a material world. Following the economic slump of the 1970s, the ’80s came to be known as “The Decade of Excess,” featuring a sustained period of low unemployment and strong economic growth. It was an era of big hair, big shoulder pads and…

Feeling Stressed? Find Some Green.

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | August 28, 2015

It’s not easy being green. That signature line delivered by Jim Henson’s Kermit the Frog, and later covered by Frank Sinatra and countless others, has taken on a variety of meanings over the years. One way the classic Muppets song applies to the world today is the difficulty in finding green areas in urban neighborhoods.…

Hello, San Diego!

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | August 28, 2015

At some point, you will make an important decision: Where to spend the rest of your life. Where to reap the fruits of retirement years is a choice no one takes lightly. No two people’s criteria are exactly the same. Do you want to live off the land? Have home be merely a headquarters for frequent…

Teaching Spending Strategies to Your Grandchildren

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | August 13, 2015

Looking forward, do you worry about the financial security of your loved ones, especially your young grandchildren? Spending and saving savvy are best taught young and grandparents can make a strong impression with these matters. But you have to commit to more than just a birthday check once a year. In today’s blog, we would…

Financial Advising, Big Picture Risks and Your Life

By webteam | August 11, 2015

When some financial advisors think of money, they imagine dollar signs and signers. Most of the clients we see in our California offices, on the other hand, have an expanded view. For them, having money and managing it properly is about having an ideal life. It’s about family, charitable giving, your home and your legacy.…

Tune in to The Big Picture Radio Show

By Pam Vega | July 22, 2015

Want to improve your retirement strategy and gain financial independence? Safeguard Investment Advisory Group invites you to tune in to the “Big Picture Radio Show” where we take a holistic approach to retirement. Listen in as our hosts, Rick Rivera and Reid Abedeen share strategies that will help you discover ways to maximize and generate…


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