Financial Advising, Big Picture Risks and Your Life

When some financial advisors think of money, they imagine dollar signs and signers. Most of the clients we see in our California offices, on the other hand, have an expanded view. For them, having money and managing it properly is about having an ideal life. It’s about family, charitable giving, your home and your legacy.

We pride ourselves in understanding the math here at Safeguard Investment, but we believe clear communication is just as important. That’s why we get to know you and listen carefully to your goals to create a holistic plan for your money and your life.

We would love to discuss your hopes and dreams for retirement, whether that’s traveling the globe, volunteering in the local schools, relocating to the beach or even mastering a hobby such as tying flies or pottery.Photograph_of_Shuffleboard_at_the_Century_Village_Retirement_Community_-_NARA_-_548567

Before we get there, however, it’s important to think about some real-life risks that could affect your financial portfolio.


Real Life Risks

Illness and Your Nest Egg

Illness can wreck havoc on a family, a career and all your activities. If you don’t plan carefully, it can also disrupt your plans for a well-funded retirement. You or your spouse might need expensive long-term care, for example, or you could be forced to quit working before you become eligible for Social Security benefits. At Safeguard Investment, we work with an estate planning attorney, CPA and Medicare advisor to help you make choices that are right for your situation. Planning for the worst-case scenario now, before you or your loved ones get sick, can put you at ease. We invite you to visit our financial advisors in person so we can have a conversation about your illness-related questions.

Outliving Retirement Funds

The flip side of the coin when it comes to health and retirement can also be a concern – what if you are healthier than expected and you outlive your funds? Living for decades after you stop working has become a real possibility. When you meet with our advisors, we can recommend a variety of financial instruments that can benefit you in this scenario. We may recommend annuities, mutual funds or a unique blend of other investments that can keep your funding from drying up.

Risks Tied to Inflation

Our economy hasn’t been flirting with inflation lately, but history proves that we can never forget about the possibility. If you just park all your money in a savings account or hide it under the metaphorical mattress, there’s a real risk that it could decrease in value over time. Careful financial planning can help mitigate these risks such that your money grows alongside any inflation. We create comprehensive plans for each of our clients, and then summarize them in a way that’s easy to understand. We’ll also talk about the next steps every time we meet to make sure everyone is on the same page.

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We Aren’t Salesmen, We’re Teachers

At Safeguard Investment, we know that your money isn’t just about math – it’s about your life. We will never force you to listen to long sales pitches or put pressure on you to buy products you don’t understand. Instead, we’ve built our business on teaching clients about their investments as they pursue their dreams. Clear communication is just as important as dollars and cents, and you deserve a financial advisor you can trust.

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