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At some point, you will make an important decision: Where to spend the rest of your life.San Diego Safeguard Office

Where to reap the fruits of retirement years is a choice no one takes lightly. No two people’s criteria are exactly the same. Do you want to live off the land? Have home be merely a headquarters for frequent travel? Relax on sunny beaches and take in the ocean view? Continue working, but on your own terms? Or be close to family so you can see grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow up?

Safeguard Investment Advisory Group has experienced a warm welcome in San Diego, where our newest office opened up last month. We’d like to extend that courtesy right back. This hotspot called to us for a number of reasons. Here are a few that, depending on what your retirement fantasy looks like, may pique your interest as well. And if you already live here in our new backyard, here are some arguments for sticking around.

For such a tourism-driven city, San Diego is about as laid-back as they come. It’s like the town was made for relaxation – without sacrificing health and fitness.  The breathtaking beaches are well known, but we’re also a short City Scape of San Diego with Seagullsdistance from scenic mountain drives. With 266 sunny days a year, an average summer high temperature of 75F and
an average winter low of 48F, the climate is a draw for many. But don’t forget the thriving arts scene and vastly varied dining opportunities.

Of course, city living isn’t for everyone. There’s traffic, California cost of living, and busy population centers. But that’s what the nearby countryside is for. While San Diego proper is ethnically diverse and progressive, much of surrounding San Diego County has an older and more conservative population. Wherever you fall on the cultural and political spectrum, it’s an area with open arms.

These factors make San Diego an ideal retirement destination for many people. In turn, it seemed the perfect spot for our newest office. There is a high demand for personalized retirement services in the area, and we aim to fill it by helping residents achieve financial independence. If you live around these parts, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you are sticking around for your golden years or have your sights set on something new, we can help.

Share with us your favored retirement destinations. We’re all ears.

Thank you, San Diego, for your warm welcome.  If you live nearby, feel free to stop into our offices to say hello.

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