How to Bulletproof your Financial Planning!

The best way I would describe how to Bulletproof your financial planning is like going to the doctor and getting a complete physical.  You really need to look at the big picture.  So many people just look at the return on their investments when there is so much more to look at to determine the true viability of your plan.  What good is being in an investment that  claims to make 8% return but after fees, taxes, commissions, turnover ratios etc… you now only end up with 2% in your pocket?  We always say when it comes to financial planning, “it’s not what you make it’s what ends up in your pocket that counts.”  You also need to make sure that your financial plan is also addressing your legacy planning, loss of income planning for a surviving spouse, health and possible long term care needs.  You could have the best investment in the world making you 15% a year but what good is that if  you lose it all to probate, estate taxes, or your power-of-attorneys are not done and your loved ones can’t access your retirement plans to help take care of you.  A 15% rate of return on your investments is not going to allow your loved ones to make medical decisions for you in the event you can’t make them yourself.  Just like you would see a doctor for your health it is important that you see a “Financial Doctor” for your financial planning.  A Retirement Planner will look at your goals, taxes, investments, trust & wills and so much more to help you make sure your plan is running as efficiently as possible.

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