Cultural Influences From Abroad

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | January 11, 2018

They say variety is the spice of life. A variety of cultural experiences may even contribute to a longer life and cognitive sharpness. A new study links cultural activities, including exposure to other languages, as a strong influence in the way we learn, amass and assimilate new information.1 Some cultural influences may well impact longer…

Year-End Tax Tips

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | December 27, 2017

As of this writing, Congress is attempting to reform our tax code. While changes are common with every new presidential administration, an initiative so transforming as to be called “tax reform” is quite unusual — the last major tax overhaul happened during the Reagan administration in 1986.1 According to Fox News, some who may benefit…

Assessing Risk in Retirement Income

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | November 27, 2017

When it comes to investing, there’s no such thing as a “safe bet.” Every type of financial vehicle has some level of risk, even checking and savings accounts. Back in the 1920s, people believed that the safest place to keep their money was a bank, and they were right. But as they witnessed during the…

How Much Retirement Income Should Come From Savings?

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | November 8, 2017

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Americans’ personal savings rates are about half of the amount they once were. For the past few years, the personal savings rate has hovered around 5 percent, but that’s still significantly lower than the savings rate from 1950-2000, which averaged 9.8 percent.1 For many retirees, a big concern…

Think student loans are a young person’s problem? Think again!

By Pam Vega | October 19, 2017

Think student loans are a young person’s problem? Think again! Baby Boomers here in California owe a whopping $11,274,120,000 billion. Safeguards’, Reid Abedeen spoke with KUSI News about the challenges these seniors are facing and steps they can take to deal with student debt:   Click here for a student loan repayment calculator  

Strategic vs. Tactical Asset Allocation

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | October 4, 2017

In recent years, the markets, the economy and the global political scene have evolved considerably. We’ve witnessed both remarkable volatility and remarkable resilience in these areas. The reality is that less predictability in today’s economic landscape requires more vigilant risk diversification, coupled with the ability to adapt to a fast-changing environment .1 We work with…

Retirement Plan Fees: Know What You Are Paying

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | September 6, 2017

Many large companies offer employees a 401(k) plan with some degree of matching contribution. Although this is a good employee benefit to have, you always should pay attention to the fees involved in your plan. Your plan provider charges various fees to invest, manage and administer the plan, and those fees are passed on to…

The Changing Job Outlook: Challenges and Opportunities

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | August 30, 2017

The workforce in the United States is changing. Some long-standing professions are becoming obsolete, there are fewer manufacturing jobs,1 and some companies are moving their headquarters overseas for tax reasons.2 Then there is the increasing phenomenon of automation and robotics replacing jobs. It’s interesting to note, however, that the job market is not fixed. It’s…

3 Common Questions About Social Security

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | August 22, 2017

While Social Security shouldn’t be relied upon to be the sole source of income during retirement, it can play an important role in your overall retirement income strategy. But making sense of the basic ins and outs of Social Security can be overwhelming. Here are three questions people commonly ask as they approach retirement age:…

Is Feeling Younger the Secret to a Longer Life?

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | August 3, 2017

“You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.” ~George Bernard Shaw While some people accept getting older as a natural part of life, many others are on a mission to fight the aging process and maintain a youthful attitude and appearance. Although we are often reminded to “age…


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