Your Bigger Financial Picture

Comprehensive retirement planning with your needs in mind.

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How It Works

Our clients bring in financial concerns that are as different and unique as their own fingerprints.

Therefore, our process is geared toward showing our clients various strategies that can help them meet their personal future financial goals.

We'll start getting to know you and your financial goals. We'll make some recommendations and identify any problem areas before presenting you with a custom strategy that addresses all areas of your financial life.

The Seven Areas of Your Financial Picture

Based on your financial goals and objectives, we will identify potential tools and strategies aimed at helping you live the retirement lifestyle you deserve. We will address:

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1. Risk

1. Risk

Assess if your risk tolerance matches your current strategy.

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2. Taxation

2. Taxation

How might future taxes impact your retirement income?

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3. Fees

3. Fees

Smart financial decisions begin with knowing how much you’re paying in fees.

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4. Roth Conversion

4. Roth Conversion

Grow your money tax-free.

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5. Income Planning

5. Income Planning

Social Security alone is not enough. Avoid running out of money by creating a plan for future income.

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6. Long-term Care

6. Long-term Care

Long-term care is an expensive reality for most people. Develop your plan before you need it.

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7. Wealth Transfer

7. Wealth Transfer

Provide for your family and loved ones after you’re gone – without the burden of excess taxes.

Our goal is always to make you a more informed consumer so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family. As part of our fiduciary standard of care, we strive to ensure you have access to various services that play a role in your complete financial picture.

Whether Through Our Firm or One of Our Strategic Partners, We Offer the Following Services:

Income planning | Wealth management | Risk analysis | Asset protection | CPA resources

Estate planning | Charitable giving | Living trust resources | Wealth transfer | Tax planning

Infinite banking | Retirement income strategies | Investment portfolio management

Medicare planning | Long-term care planning | Annuities | Life insurance

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