Helping Make Your Retirement Money Last

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | January 31, 2017

For every five years longer a retiree lives, he or she spends about 15 percent less on average. This means that people in their 70s spend about half of what they do in their 50s. Even with the ramp-up in medical expenses that often comes later in life, retirees still tend to spend less as…

The Stock Market in Volatile Times

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | January 23, 2017

You’ve likely heard a few clichés when it comes to investing: stay the course; buy right and hold tight; time is more valuable than money; etc. The point is clear, if your investments align with your goals, timeline and risk tolerance, then there may be no reason to make changes to your portfolio when the…

Opposites Attract: Couples and Their Finances

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | January 6, 2017

It’s very common for a married couple to have vastly different financial personalities. One may be frugal and the other a big spender. As we all know, money can be the source of some pretty big challenges in a relationship. Thirty percent of couples argue over finances at least once a month, and 5 percent…

Planning to Travel in 2017? Here Are Some Tips

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | December 27, 2016

Traditional vacation prep used to entail choosing a budget destination, buying some traveler’s checks and heading to the airport just in time for your flight. For many, that list of things to do has changed drastically. “Wellness travel” has become a big draw for vacationers who are willing to spend around 140 percent more than…

Perks of Growing Older

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | December 1, 2016

Getting older has its perks — from potential tax breaks to everyday discounts. It’s like turning 21 and getting carded all over again. Only now, in some ways, the older you are the more you may be able to save. If you’re closing in on retirement, you may be in position to start saving more…

The Road To Retirement Takes Effort

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | November 28, 2016

The first things that come to mind when thinking about retirement may be rest and relaxation, but before you reach that point, you need a financial strategy that can support your post-career plans. A recent study found many current retirees are worried about just making day-to-day expenses:1 • The median annual income for married retirees…

LTC Considerations

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | November 17, 2016

Long-term care insurance (LTC) has experienced some growing pains in recent years. Sustained low interest rates and coverage limitations have made it difficult for some to find policies that meet their needs.1 As a result, many LTC insurers have exited the business because they couldn’t make a profit. Today, there are only 14 carriers still…

Health Care Spending Trends

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | November 15, 2016

For the 40+ year period of 1961 to 2002, health care expenses followed a pretty steady upward trend, thanks to things like the introduction of Medicaid, coverage expansion and occasional price increases.1 But between 2003 and  2007, that rampant growth slowed down considerably, and the impact of the recession was felt from 2008-2013.2 Many Americans…

Retiring Soon? Your Pension Matters

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | November 4, 2016

When it comes to preparing for retirement, headlines about underfunded pensions can be troubling. One study found that 21 state pensions held less than 40 percent of the assets needed to pay benefits. To make up for that shortfall, each taxpayer would have to contribute an extra $1,385 per year.1 While not every worker in…

Are You Suffering From Financial Stress?

By Safeguard Investment Advisory Group | October 19, 2016

Despite the strengthening economy and positive outlook, some people are still experiencing high levels of financial stress. Many are worried about meeting monthly expenses, with 30 percent reporting in a recent survey of over 1,000 people that concern over their financial situation keeps them up at night.1 A 2014 report by the American Psychological Association showed…


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