income during retirement

3 Common Questions About Social Security

While Social Security shouldn’t be relied upon to be the sole source of income during retirement, it can play an important role in your overall retirement income strategy. But making sense of the basic ins and outs of Social Security can be overwhelming. Here are three questions people commonly ask as they approach retirement age:…

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What Is a “Safe” Retirement Withdrawal Rate?

In an investment portfolio, the withdrawal rate is the monetary percentage from which a retiree draws from his account each year. A “safe” withdrawal rate is a fixed percentage distributed as a systematic withdrawal that reasonably expects portfolio funds to last throughout the retiree’s lifetime. When determining your personal retirement withdrawal rate, it’s important to…

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How to Create Income During Retirement

Want to learn how to create income during retirement? Your strategy used will be determined during the accumulation phase or the preservation stage.  Today I will discuss what to focus on when you are ready to retire.  Focus should be placed on creating the income you need and how to preserve your assets. First, you…

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