Stability Grows for Emerging Markets

Thirty years ago, developed markets were seen as much more stable than smaller, emerging countries. But as political division and uncertainty permeates the West, the differences have faded, and emerging markets (EM) have shed the high-risk perception that accompanied foreign investment. Sound government situations, conservative monetary policy and lower levels of debt were once staples…

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Inflation: Expectations for 2018

It seems as if inflation has been biding its time. Since the financial crisis a decade ago, growth in prices and wages has been muted.1 However, many financial analysts believe that’s about to change. A jobs report from early March revealed continued hiring and a moderate increase in wages. The stock markets welcomed the news,…

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Financial Advising, Big Picture Risks and Your Life

When some financial advisors think of money, they imagine dollar signs and signers. Most of the clients we see in our California offices, on the other hand, have an expanded view. For them, having money and managing it properly is about having an ideal life. It’s about family, charitable giving, your home and your legacy.…

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