Retirement Goals

The Art of Being Happy

When are we happiest? A new study by the Resolution Foundation reveals that the two ages when people tend to be their happiest are 16 and 70.1 This makes sense when you think about it. Sixteen is often the first time children get a taste of independence — they’re old enough to drive and yet…

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The Fiduciary Standard: What It Means

Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor published the final regulation of what is known as the “Fiduciary Rule,” delaying implementation for 60 days from its scheduled start date. The newly expanded definition of fiduciary investment advice is scheduled to go into effect June 9, 2017.1 The rule holds certain financial professionals to a fiduciary standard…

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Hello, San Diego!

At some point, you will make an important decision: Where to spend the rest of your life. Where to reap the fruits of retirement years is a choice no one takes lightly. No two people’s criteria are exactly the same. Do you want to live off the land? Have home be merely a headquarters for frequent…

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