Life Insurance

The Theory of Longevity

The factors determining how and when one dies often remain a mystery. Consider comedian George Burns who, despite being an avid cigar smoker for 75 years, lived to age 100. In the continued study of longevity, researchers have uncovered another startling statistic: Holocaust survivors lived 7.1 years longer on average than their contemporaries who were…

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The Art of Being Happy

When are we happiest? A new study by the Resolution Foundation reveals that the two ages when people tend to be their happiest are 16 and 70.1 This makes sense when you think about it. Sixteen is often the first time children get a taste of independence — they’re old enough to drive and yet…

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Cash Value Life Insurance – Advantages and Disadvantages

Cash Value Life Insurance – Advantages and Disadvantages Cash value life insurance has been a big controversy amongst financial planners over the years.  Some say it is a great tool because you can build a retirement account to offset your retirement income on a tax free basis.  Others say it is a terrible investment because…

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